Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Grateful Participant

Hi. My name is Lisa (a.k.a. Rosamund). I live in the Hudson Valley in New York with my husband, our three boys, our dog and two cats. I want to thank Heather for hosting the swap which I think is a brilliant idea. This is my first time participating. I have read the postings so far and have browsed blogs of participants and feel honored to be swapping with such an interesting and talented group of women.
My passion for all things vintage began at an early age. My grandmother gave me her vintage jewelry to play with and I kept it in a special pink sparkly vase. I would pretend it was treasure. I loved to look at it and play with it. I thought it was the most beautful jewelry I had ever seen.
My mother's family is from Portugal. My great grandmother used to weave and sew linens. Some of these have been well respected and have been passed down to me. So while I love everything vintage, I think I am most drawn to linens. I have seen incredible handmade doilies that have made my heart pound with affection. I know that sounds corny, but I so much respect the craftsmanship and artistry that goes into every bit of these pieces. I love that each piece is a unique expression and representation of the person who created it. There is so much beauty in that.
I look so forward to the swap and to seeing all of the brilliant creations. With best wishes for a fun-filled time...Rosamund


  1. oooh Rosamund - thanks for a lovely post - the quotation from Martha Graham really resonates with me. I shall have to make up a little card of my own with her words. And the milk bottles with doilies and linens are so very pretty - I just found a milk bottle like this the other day - now I know what to do with it :-) Lovely to meet you.

  2. I love the story about your Great Grandmother. Do you have photos of her linens somewhere? That would be fascinating to see.

    I'm just about to buy a house in Sullivan County. So much fun to meet a soon-to-be (somewhat) neighbor!

  3. Thanks Lily Boot and Leila! I have been lurking on your blogs which are so terrific!! Enjoy the swap!

  4. I love that Martha Graham quote. I'm a dancer and teacher and I'm actually writing a play for teen girls at this very moment centered around that very quote!