Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hello from Oregon!!

Hello!! My name is Rachel, and I'm a thrift store junkie...

Oh wait.
We aren't at THAT meeting?
Well, I'm just hopping on here to say that I haven't made it to everyone's blog YET, but I'm excited to be here!! I found out about the swap from Amanda at SouleMama too!! I love all things rusty, and old... and I like to make new things with them...
Like Dolls... Hand sewn and hand sculpted with goodies recycled into new things...

Mixed Media Creations...

and art too!

In the sidebar over there, I'm Memories of Mine to Thine. Can't wait until the sign ups are through, and I can go through the list and waste spend a whole day stalking meeting all of you!!


  1. dang, girl! you are too funny! gorgeous artworks!!!

  2. Does it count as stalking if it's reciprocated?

  3. Love the humor and the dolls! Fantastic!

  4. kendra, kay, rosamund, THANK YOU!!
    alewives, I think mutual stalking is called something else... HMMMM... I'll have to think about it...