Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hello from The Yellow Door Paperie

Hello Friends,
Between the time I typed out the words 'hello friends,' I've changed a diaper, fed the dog, done the dishes and comforted a little person. Yikes. Ok. Now.

(cleansing breath)

Hi! I'm Mary from The Yellow Door Paperie.  I am a full time working mama raised in Los Angeles but moved to the Midwest in college. I never knew that a small-town-loving-person lived inside me.  I've always been a crafter (screen printing, a little sewing, knitting, crocheting, block printing, paper making, collage-ing....).

I love my little life, my husband (isn't he cute) and two beautiful children. Motherhood, above all things, has taught me to be a true student of life, contentment and beauty.

I love old book illustrations, vintage linens and dishes. O lord, I have too many dishes. Can one have too many?

I've been into vintage since before I can remember, my grandmother owned an antique shop (with a flower shop inside... I know it's probably the best job ever). We were always surrounded by the beautiful and the passed down. My mother is a collector of beautiful things too. So it's in my blood.

I am so looking forward to meeting people and getting a swap partner! Yes!

Well friends, there's a pile of laundry just waiting for me...
Have a wonderful evening!

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  1. So good to hear about what happened between "hello friends" and the rest of your message. I can relate!