Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Hi everyone! My name is Angel and I have a blog called "Getting into a Funk". I am a mama of two, avid crafter (sewing, needle felting, knitting and a plethora of other things) and I LOVE vintage craft supplies.

The pictures above are of a vintage doll kit I found last year, a "Hansel" doll. I haven't made the doll yet, and I'm thinking that it's just been waiting for the opportunity to be sent to someone that really, really loves it and wants to make it! I just couldn't turn it down when I saw the price and that it still had all the original pieces and instructions. Maybe my swap partner will be interested in doll making.....

I am excited about the swap, and to get my swap partner!

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  1. hey angel - your link is a little funk-y ;) it includes blogger.com by accident!