Monday, September 14, 2009

so many vintage linens...

  Oh dear! So many new blogs to love! And many I've never read before.
  I wanted to stop by this space and say hello. I am foremost a mama/constant crafter/dressmaker... with so many other interests. I have been thrifting since well, forever. I started going to rummage sales when I was tiny with my Grandmother.
  I have supported myself & family (for several years as a single mom-until I met my current partner, and really have such love for vintage as it allowed me a flexible & fun job) by selling vintage, repurposed, and handmade clothes for the last 15 years. I have been collecting vintage fabrics and linens for so long, I have so many, yet never seems to have enough. It will be such fun to craft a little present for another vintage lover. Can't wait to see who my match will be!  
  I managed some good thrifting time this morning and that means more laundry. Time to get to it...
  xoxo Mindy Bell


  1. Nice to meet you, I know what you mean about the new blogs to follow.

    I totally believe that vintage-ness is in our blood, passed on through the years by generations.

  2. It is so great to see what everyone is up to, and how many creative people have joining us.

    This will be a great swap!