Sunday, September 20, 2009

Swapping From My Vintage Fabric Stash

Despite being active in the craft blog world for a while, this is actually my first swap. I was drawn to it because I have some amazing cuts of vintage fabric that I picked up at a great estate sale a few years back. I had high hopes for making beautiful creations out of all this fabric, but the arrival of a little guy 11 months ago has transformed my craft life quite significantly (all you mamas out there know exactly what I mean, right?!) So I'd love to share 3 or 4 of these awesome pieces of fabric with someone who can love, appreciate, and actually use them.


  1. Me. I would willingly swap you either some fabric back, or maybe you'd like a little stuffed toy (monkey or rag doll) for your little one. Let me know.

  2. Great! If we're not chosen as swap partners, let's e-mail and arrange! Would love a little stuffed monkey for my little guy!