Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thoughtful Embroidery

This is exciting to be here, to meet others who also enjoy collecting bits of beauty from the past and incorporating them into their homes.

I'm Tonya, homeschooling mom to 6 blessings. Our family (with my husband and children) live simply in gorgeous northern Vermont. One of our businesses is to make toys and home goods of natural fibers - mostly branches and wool.

One way I treat myself is to go shopping at thrift and consignment shops.

While I am always armed with a list of essentials that our family may need - such as jeans for my teenage son, I also keep my eyes open for a little something special to add a special touch to our home. I particularly enjoy hand embroidered linens. In my mind I imagine all the work that went into creating a particular piece. I wonder who the woman was - was she a farmer's wife that sat by a cozy fire at night working or was she a member of the upper class sitting in her fancy parlor sewing while sipping tea and chatting with a guest.

I look forward to meeting my swapmate and sharing our creations. Thank you Heather for organizing this!


  1. Welcome, I love embroidery too! To know that some one took the time to make beauty, amazing!

  2. Hi Tonya! Lovely to see your embroidered linens. My grandmother was very fond of this type of embroidery and she was a country nurse. She would do night duty so that she could be home with her children during the day (can you imagine how tired she must have been) and as the only night nurse in a wee bush hospital, she would sit and embroider between her duties, in order to stay awake and pass the long, quiet hours. :-) Looking forward to seeing more of your linens.

  3. Hi Tonya,

    Beautiful embroidery! Do you have a website or a blog? I am interested in seeing the things you sell on your farm.