Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vintage Inspiration: Goldenrod

So lately all I can think about is this saturated color on the last wildflowers of summer/early fall. I stopped by my favorite vintage stash-- a senior center room with lots of old ladies quilting-- to pick up some fabrics in those shades.  I am envisioning little girl skirts, mama headbands and a bag or two, plus some flowers thrown in.  So excited to join this swap and be inspired by others' creativity in found things.  I especially love the idea of using items touched by many women, and making them beautiful and alive again. 



  1. This photo has me rummaging through my fabric stash looking for the same color scheme!

  2. i think that top print is my fave!

  3. Lovely fabrics - I'm a big fan of muma handbands - I think I may have to make on this morning! Lovely to meet you - and lucky you, having such a good vintage "shop" :-)

  4. So beautiful! Breath taking really. So good to meet you. Enjoy the swap.