Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vintage pink sewing basket needs a new home

I am so excited to have found Vintage Swap. Thank you Heather for hosting it and thank you Amanda @ for the tip.
This opportunity to swap treasures must have been destined as I have recently started a blog after dreaming about joining the world of blog for two years and have been motivated to clean out my sewing areas. (I'm beginning to nest for the winter ahead here in Utah). I have so many vintage lovelies that need new homes.
I can't wait to meet new like minded people with a love for vintage and sewing and I'm especially excited to read others blogs and make new friends.
Talk to you soon. Your new friend, Camille.
P.S. You can find me at Currently on my blog I am having my first giveaway, a vintage looking chandelier. Come say 'Hi'


  1. cuuute sewing box! I need a new/old one badly.

  2. Welcome Camille! Nice to meet you!