Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vintage tin...

I have to say, I think one of the greatest things about these blogs is that you get to discover amazing women, all over the world, who have very similar interests as you... It's so enjoyable to read everyone's blog and to see how each and everyone is so creative with the things we find!!  I also made myself a sewing box out of an old tin fishing box, the color is what got my attention at first and this old man at the flea market was very curious with what i was going to do with it, he said he would let it go for cheap because it was dirty.. (he obviously does'nt know me!!!) so for 3$ i got myself a little treasure!!!  well worth the cleaning!

I am also obsessed with tin bowls and cups not only are they great as under plates for plants but because they remind me of my childhood and how we only used these at the cottage for our hot chocolate and cream of wheat. It made it that much better...


  1. please post a link to you blog.
    I love those enamel dishes! so great...
    xo m

  2. oh, duh.. guessing this is it?

  3. oh, i love the idea of using an old tin fishing lure box to organize sewing paraphernalia... i'm slowing acquiring more and more and need to get organized! i'll have to be on the lookout now. (and i love those enamel dishes as well!)

  4. I love your sewing/tackle box, that is such a clever idea :)