Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vintage Tins and Cigar Boxes Make Me Giddy

Vintage tins and cigar boxes.
Is there a better way to store small notions than in vintage tins and gently worn cigar boxes?
I think not.
Marrying two of my favorite things makes me giddy.

Cigar boxes. Whether wooden or cardboard, I like them both.
One of the cigar boxes houses hexagons for my Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt which I will have finished by the time I have great-grandchildren.

Oh, my heart skips a little beat. Favorite tins in my favorite colors.

Some tins once housed sewing machine accessories, pencils, pipe tobacco, and even benzine for watermark detection on stamps. I wish ever day household items still came in tin containers.

A chest of drawers with tins and pins, waiting to be played with.
Have a super great Tuesday fellow Swappers.
Your friend, Camille in Midvale Utah.


  1. Lovely way to store things!


  2. Grrr...left the wrong link in comment above!! Sorry!


  3. this is my current addiction too. i should send some your way though because a thrift store near me almost always has 4 or 5 i have to buy because they are just too pretty to leave behind.