Saturday, October 17, 2009

Estate Sale Finds

This morning, I went to two estate sales in the Berkshires. Both houses were very old and filled with interesting items. I regret not bringing my camera along because just oogling the vintage wallpaper in these two houses made the trip worthwhile. These are my vintage finds:

I can never resist beautiful old prints of Mary. I am drawn to them. I thought this one was particularly beautiful. The yellow floral behind her is a vintage sheet.
As you can see, there was a bit of a theme going on today.

I bought a bag of this crocheted edging. All of it is hand done! Wowzy!

Yes! It was a happy day of estate sales! I just LOVE a laughing Buddha!


  1. Lucky! How wonderful and beautiful. I want to go to an estate sell with you. Your friend, Camille

  2. How fun! Thanks for sharing your finds.