Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Even better than I had hoped...

 My Swap gift from my vintage swapping partner Heather came in the mail the other day.  Tomorrow I will be posting my pictures of what I sent to Heather, but today I wanted to share the beauty and thought that she put into my package.

I was overwhelmed with the smorgasbord.

(Do you see those knitting needles, size 10......I love.)

And I can't even bring myself to mail these cards to anyone.... I am so smitten with them.

I think I might frame them in teeny frames and hang them in my sewing room.

Fun and fabulous stuff, I tell you.

Like this pretty pillowcase and a few yards of gorgeous floral fabric....fabric that I can't wait to have my twin turn into some more fabulous dresses for ETSY.

I have been trying to decide what to do with all of the goodness that filled the priority mail box.

And today, I figured it out....

I used some of the pretty blue flannel to embellish a few flour sack hand towels.  They match my kitchen to perfection.

See, even Gracie can't keep her eyes off of them.


So, Thank you Heather, I am so happy to have been paired with you.

Truly, Julia

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  1. Wow, Julia! What a lovely post! It makes me so happy to see you already using the fabrics I sent. It was so much fun picking them out for you.

    Also, those little needles are a British size 10, so I think about size 3 US.

    The cards are Gwen Frostic prints -- from out here in the Midwest. There's a web site at http://www.gwenfrostic.com, if you need more. They are so very lovely.