Thursday, October 1, 2009

Handmade Celebrations

Happy October everyone!!!

Taken from my blog post today.... I'd love for you all to take a look and join in on the handmade fun! And you can bet on the fact that I'll be using vintage whenever I can!

October 1st… exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time. It starts my “busy season” so to speak. It’s my favorite time of year… the weather changes, the warm cozy clothing come out of storage, hot comforting meals adorn our table and we start celebrating a run of family holidays. This year will be busier than ever I expect. Busy, Busy, Busy…although I’m sure the majority of us feel that way! But for our family, starting with October, starts a string of holidays and celebrations. This October, Aidan turns 9 and we celebrate Halloween. November is Thanksgiving. December this year will include Lilianne’s 7th birthday, Kris’s 33rd birthday, Sarah’s 5th birthday, Christmas AND the birth of our 4th (boy!) just days before Christmas. I like to include handmade gifts and decorations in all of that celebrating. This year, that means that this Mama has to be working ahead of time if she wants to get anything handmade done!

In light of that, I’m organizing a little flickr group for handmade gifts and handmade decorations! I’m calling it “Handmade Celebrations” and any pictures of your handmade gifts and handmade decorations for all holidays and celebrations are Welcome!! On the blog, I’ll be showcasing tutorials and ideas of others (and a few of my own) for this “multi-holiday” season I’m about to embark on. Also, I’ll be showing you gifts and decorations that our family makes as we get them finished....

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