Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oh Just Look at all the Vintage Goodness!

I received my package from Ashley. Here is what was in my surprise:

A pair of these sweet little curtains. I have big plans for these!

Look at these! Little glass buttons! Fantastic!

Doilies! Hooray! So beautiful.

And then she sent this! I know...gorgeous! She decided to include a handmade item, so she whipped this up for me. How nice is that? I am in LOVE with it! THANK YOU ASHLEY! Thank you for all of the lovely items you sent. I appreciate it so very much. It has been a pleasure meeting you!
And THANK YOU again to heather for connecting all of us. This has been such a wonderful experience. I think more than the vintage goodness, I have appreciated and enjoyed that there is this lovely community of women all with similar interests and all in support of each other. What a beautiful thing!

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