Friday, October 23, 2009

A parcel of joy!!

My parcel was accompanied by a lovely note!!
The same night, i used the lovely flower printed cotton to make a skirt for my little princess! Even the dog likes it!!!! 

Yesterday, i left work early and as i was about to get on the highway, it started snowing. Yes, SNOWING!!! Now don't get me wrong, i am Canadian and i luuuve winter, but the first snow of the season can be a fairy tail if you are sitting with your loved ones by the fireplace sipping hot chocolate OR it can be complete and utter mayhem if you are driving on a highway in peak hour traffic! You'd think people have never seen snow, everyone is driving at 10 miles an hour!!! Mind you, perhaps everyone was in shock that it was actually snowing in OCTOBER!!!!   all that to say after driving for 2 hours (it's usually a 45 minute drive) i got home and what was in my mailbox??? MY PARCEL!!!! YAY!!! I have to say, my partner Leanne rocks! as i unveiled the little treasures i found buttons, beautiful lace, little squares of flannel, vintage instructions on how to sew invisible zippers and at the bottom of the box, what i thought was beautiful fabric with mushrooms, it was a dress!!! it's amazing and it fits perfectly! She must be psychic! iwouldn't have expected as much from a good friend, let alone someone i just met on this swap!  Thank you Leanne!!! 

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