Sunday, October 18, 2009

Questions for Quilt People

Hi all!

I have some questions about an old quilt, and I thought this might be a good place to ask.

I rescued the quilt from my grandma's basement a few weeks ago. I can't get blogger to upload the pictures, but you can see it in my flickr photostream:

As you can see, it's seen better days, but with a little love I think it could be usable again.

What I'm wondering is a) Can anyone give me a guess at the date it might have been made? b) Any ideas whether it would be of interest historically?

My main reason for asking is, if it just has family significance, I'll probably just patch it up to please myself. But if it's more than that I may invest in a pro.


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  1. Now I have to preface this by saying that I am far from a quilt expert, only a quilt lover. I do quilt and sew, and have a marginal knowlege of fabrics and such.

    So, that disclaimer said, I would guess that the quilt is probably from the 60s. I'm saying that because I don't see any of the typical "feed sack" or depression era prints of the 30s or 40s, nor do I see any of those ghastly polyesters of the 70s. I would also guess that it probably has mainly family significance and you'd be fine to fix it up yourself.

    So that's my extremely amatuer opinion. By all means, if you have any doubts, have a pro look at it. I can't imagine they'd charge you much, if anything, for a "consultation".