Thursday, October 29, 2009

raining vintage

i caught this hankie picture outside in the midst of a seasonable stretch of rain here, but the others had to come indoors. how lucky was i, to be paired with maryellen? besides the veritable feast of kerchiefs, check out the rest here!

i just love wiping my nose with these. do you use your vintage handkerchiefs?


  1. I do use vintage hankies. They are much easier on the nose when one is sick. I've always loved the hand embroidered ones, but I'm starting to like the flower print ones ever since my swap partner sent me 3.

    I really like the picture of yours hanging on the line. Laundry on the line photos seem romantic to me even if putting them on the line and taking them down to fold them isn't that romantic.

  2. it's worth it to add romance to the laundry! and i guess it's worth it to add some romance to the sniffles, eh? : )