Thursday, October 15, 2009

Goodies From Grandma

Recently my grandmother moved from her five acre farm to an apartment in town. There were several wonderful items that made their way to my house. These three are my favorites! I collect watt ware and that rooster pitcher will fit right in. The red hall pitcher compliments the jewel tea dishes I inherited from my other grandma. The squirrel on the nut just makes me smile! As he was unearthed from the back of her china cupboard I was hoping that he would be mine. When I said that I would like to have it my grandma looked at me like I was nuts(ha!). I guess her tastes have changed. The memories associated with these items makes them priceless to me. I think that's why I love vintage things so much; they have a history, whether known or imagined. Pieces from the past have a life of their own and sometimes just holding them in your hands can transport you, or remind you of a special moment from the past. This is not a feeling that you get from the big box store wares! I have enjoyed being a part of this swap and reading all the wonderful blogs. My swap package is on it's way to Christina in Florida, and I hope the items I've chosen make her smile and maybe even weave their way into her history.

To see what my lovely friend Mary scored at grandma's sale visit here.


  1. What fun pieces of memory to add to your home! When I saw the squirrel I had to smile because it made me think of this post on the Thrifty Chicks blog:

    (Brittany here, I am posting as "anonymous" because I am having a hard time with the other profiles.)

  2. So true about the history of things...I feel the same way!