Thursday, October 22, 2009

Showing Off the Goods:)

Just wanted to show off my lovely little bit of vintage goodies.......

My swap partner did an awesome job telling me a bit of history about each item. My oldest daughter, and fellow lover of vintage goods, looked at me and asked "why would someone give away their treasures!?!" I explained Kandyce must have some more of these treasures for herself, and only passed along a few extras. (she was very happy you hadn't given away all the family heirlooms to us!)

Kandyce, please know that two vintage loving ladies opened this package with great appreciation, neither of us being able to decide if the tin or the spools were the best of all!

Feeling an amazing sense of connection to all of you who participated in this..... and of course much gratitude to Heather for putting this all together.

I loved this! Best to you all :)

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