Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend finds...

Keeping my tin obsession healthy, i found these lovely little tin boxes while discovering a flea market this weekend!!! I think what i love the most about these is the way "Bulbs" and "spark plugs" are written in such an excited manner!!! 
This magazine is full of good toys ideas! and the original owner had even cut out a color picture of the owl and stuck it on the inside. With tape that became yellow with years!!! I love that!

And last but not least, this beauty!!! can you believe it was a dollar?!!! One Canadian dollar!!! what a find!!! Someone asked me a link to my blog last week so here it is

Have a good week ladies!!!


  1. What lovely finds!
    That would be

  2. Ah! me and technology!! i was all happy to find the link button!!! Thanks!

  3. lol no problem. I clicked on it 4 times and wondered why it wasn't taking me to your blog before i figured it out!