Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Green Smoothie Resolution

Hey Special Vintage Friends

I wanted to share with you a little Challenge that I'm hosting on my blog coming right up in the New Year. It's called a Green Smoothie Challenge and the best way I can describe it is drinking a delicious and super, wonderfully good for you Green Smoothie once a day for a week. It's starting on January 2 and runs for one week until January 8. I think it's the most perfect time of year to add something good for you to your daily routine. The New Year is the time when I want to recommit to healthier eating, losing weight and working off the holiday foods and it is probably the easiest and most beneficial all at once. Just drinking one Green Smoothie a day can increase your cravings for healthier foods, improve skin, drop pounds and boost energy. Just head on over to for all the details.

I don't get anything out of hosting this Challenge besides the awesome satisfaction that people get out of trying Green Smoothie's for themselves. However, not only do people that join win anyone that registers for the Challenge gets a chance to win a copy of Victoria Boutenko's book Green Smoothie Revolution with awesome info and over 200 recipes. Come on over and join today! Registration end January 1 at 5 pm PST. Cheers! Suzanne


  1. I just wanted to comment about the picture ~ my Nanna had that cup and growing up we all fought to drink from "Mr. Melon" :)

  2. love it--cannot wait to try this and involve my little ones!