Friday, February 5, 2010

FAQ for Winter Swap

Summer Swap Guidelines

A minimum of three items need to be included in your package, with a maximum of five
Everything that you send needs to be cleaned well
Please do not send anything with a heavy perfume of smoke scent.
You need to have communicated with your partner by June 17th
You will need to post pictures of three favorite photos of what you sent, and what you received, either on your blog or in the Flickr group
Packages must be postmarked with a tracking # by July 1st.

Please let me know if you have any questions


  1. Thank you Heather for your wonderful work! :)

  2. OOh this sounds exciting...have never done this before. I have signed up at the invite of Valarie from a Place like this and LearnSweden blogs.

    This must really take some organising on your part! Thank you!

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Kram Julie x

  3. I signed up and received a confirmation email. I have not, however, received the email address and name of my partner. The swap guidelines say that I need to communicate with my partner by the 17th. It's the 16th and I'm leaving town on the 17th for 4 days. Can you contact my partner and let her know that I will be in touch after the weekend?

  4. I haven't received my partner yet, either. Did I miss something with it? Thank you!

  5. I haven't received mine yet either and it is June 22. Did I miss something?

  6. Do I have to have a blog to join the Winter Swap?
    I would love to be a part of this.