Monday, May 23, 2011

Moving Sale: Vintage Lot

Hi Vintage Swappers, I hope it is OK to post this here. We are moving! I had big plans to sell all of this individually on Etsy, but between preparing for another baby and moving, I'll have to pick and choose my projects. 

 I've posted an ad on my local kijiji but I'm happy to mail it to interested recipient.
These are the items in this 1960's Baby Girl lot:
15 dresses/ dress-blouse, some with matching diaper covers
2 knit cardigans
2 tops
5 flannel newborn gowns (tie at the back)
7 under t-shirts (some light staining, and possible repairs on some. I was planning on dying these tie dye)
4 summer jump suits (2 of them are terry cloth)
3 pairs of knit booties
2 knit bonnets
1 white knit blanket ( I was planning on turning this into a poncho)
1 flannel blanket (adorable 60's pastel pattern)
1 lace bonnet
1 bib
1 pair of white tie-up first walking shoes/baby shoes
1 unused Baby record book in excellent condition!

If my news is out of line, I do apologize and you are welcome to delete it. Thanks so much for having a look. If you are interested you can message me from the kijiji ad or my blog is 


  1. This is such a lovely blog with so many creative and inspirational ideas too.

  2. Not sure this is the right blog to post on but wanted to thank you for coming by and visiting my creative space! I bet you have had that little one by now and are busy keeping up with the sweet baby- take time- they grow up so very fast!!

  3. Nice to be here and see your post!